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FogBlock 2020-10-20 07:00:00For glasses wearers, this pandemic has brought to life a whole new struggle: foggy lenses when wearing a mask.

Cleaning Case 2020-10-19 07:00:00Given the current pandemic, we have been going out of our way to take extra safety precautions. From masks to hand sanitizers to washing your hands ev

Keep Food Fresh 2020-10-16 07:00:00The solution to storing food and avoiding large amounts of waste is here. The Mother’s Heart is a device crafted like a dome food covering, desi

HandPrint 2020-10-15 07:00:00Printers are one of the tools that revolutionized the 20th century. They can be found in most households since they are used often. However, the conve

COVID-19 Eradicator? 2020-10-14 07:00:00With the current pandemic, the use of masks is crucial to keep the disease from spreading. People have been opting for reusable masks in order to redu

Unleash Your Inner van Gogh 2020-10-13 07:00:00Do you like drawing but are not very good at it? Well, you're in luck. There is a new device called the Doodlight, a phone-sized laser projector that

Earbuds or Eggbuds? 2020-10-12 07:00:00Sevy has released new wireless earbuds. Shaped like a literal egg, they allow the user to listen to music or watch videos, and can be controlled via v

Fridge To Go 2020-10-09 07:00:00Refrigerators are so crucial to keep food fresh, not to mention to slow down bacterial growth. Unfortunately, many people in developing countries don&

DNA Fix 2020-10-08 07:00:00In this day and age, millions of drugs and treatments have been designed in order to treat different illnesses. However, there are some fatal diseases

Flying Shipping 2020-10-07 07:00:00The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved UPS’ request to start using drones as a means of transportation for shipping. This only cover

Wave to Pay 2020-10-06 07:00:00Amazon is constantly improving their service in order to make customers’ experience as convenient as possible. The company debuted Amazon One, w

Using Noise To Fight Noise 2020-10-05 07:00:00Tired of waking up because of construction work? Tired of hearing traffic from your apartment in the heart of downtown? If yes, then you should keep r

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Scientists borrow solar panel tech to create new 2020-10-22 16:17:56By expanding on existing designs for electrodes of ultra-thin solar panels, Stanford researchers and collaborators in Korea have developed a new archi

Self-driving shuttle debuts in high-traffic Virginia spot 2020-10-22 15:52:12The future of transportation arrived in northern Virginia, looking like a big blue toaster on wheels that seats six and drives itself through the regi

3-D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn camera 2020-10-21 13:15:52Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) working in collaboration with colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of St

Translation tools, air purifiers: face masks go high-tech 2020-10-21 03:49:55From monitoring vital signs to filtering filthy air and even translating speech into other languages, the coronavirus-fuelled boom in mask-wearing has

Singapore's world-first face scan plan sparks privacy fears 2020-10-18 06:16:04Singapore will become the world's first country to use facial verification in its national ID scheme, but privacy advocates are alarmed by what they

UK Space Agency backs medical drone delivery project 2020-10-17 16:24:17A medical drone delivery service founded by trainee doctors that aims to transport coronavirus samples, test kits and protective equipment between hos

Designing approximate computation to save energy 2020-10-16 08:28:08If you think about computation, the words correctness, speed and precision probably come to mind. But the researchers of the OPRECOMP project beg to d

GM to run robot cars in San Francisco 2020-10-16 04:40:58General Motors' Cruise autonomous vehicle unit says it will pull the human backup drivers from its vehicles in San Francisco by the end of the year.

Creating software that will unlock the power of 2020-10-15 08:12:47Leading research organizations and computer manufacturers in the U.S. are collaborating on the construction of some of the world's fastest supercompu

Wearable technology reveals global heart rate rhythms for 2020-10-14 10:05:52Can measuring well-being increase one's well-being?

Using AI to detect seemingly perfect deep-fake videos 2020-10-14 08:35:10One year ago, Maneesh Agrawala of Stanford helped develop a lip-sync technology that allowed video editors to almost undetectably modify speakers' wo

Developing intelligent cameras that can learn 2020-10-13 15:27:53Intelligent cameras could be one step closer thanks to a research collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and Manchester who have developed

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Photographers identified from historical WWII photos using AI 2020-10-30 13:00:34This week in future tech, researchers were able to identify the photographers of images from the second world war using AI analysis. The post Photogra

Deltek CIO on not rushing into things in 2020-10-30 12:41:49Ronda Cilsick is the chief information officer at software company Deltek, having worked there for more than a decade. The post Deltek CIO on not rush

Elements of AI online course launches in Ireland 2020-10-30 12:10:07The University of Helsinki and UCC have teamed up to bring AI ‘into the sitting rooms and kitchens of Irish homes’. The post Elements of A

IDA CEO says Ireland is ‘resilient’ in face 2020-10-30 11:10:24With FDI showing a sharp global decline, IDA Ireland’s Martin Shanahan discussed the competitive challenges ahead with Ann O’Dea. The post

What’s it like to start a new job 2020-10-30 11:00:51Maria Sweeney began a new job just two weeks before the pandemic forced people across the country to work from home. Here, she shares her experience o

Intel acquires AI optimisation platform SigOpt for undisclosed 2020-10-30 10:03:50It’s hoped that the combination of SigOpt’s AI scaling software and Intel’s hardware will give Intel competitive advantages in emerg

5 key trends to consider about work during 2020-10-30 09:00:14How has the pandemic affected the graduate job market? Which skills will we need to prioritise moving forward? These are some of the things we looked

Brittany Kaiser reveals the tools she uses to 2020-10-30 08:59:45Following her keynote talk at Future Human 2020, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser discussed how people can protect their data privacy

Facebook data dispute with EU could face further 2020-10-30 07:43:17The EU’s second-highest court has ruled that Facebook can’t be forced to turn over sensitive information without a review. The post Facebo

WIT and CIT researchers combine to help build 2020-10-30 06:59:52Researchers from WIT and CIT are aiming to forge stronger links with ESA and NASA with the creation of a ‘space region’. The post WIT and

Watch out for these warning signs of a 2020-10-29 13:00:24Worried about accepting a job offer and finding yourself in a toxic work environment? Watch out for these signs in the recruitment process. The post W

Three Irish research projects bag €11m in record 2020-10-29 12:07:09Three research projects with participation from Irish institutions will receive a total of €11m as part of the European Innovation Council &lsquo

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The Wisconsin GOP Lost $2.3 Million in an New! 2020-10-31 09:00:00Trump's website gets hacked, a ransomware group calls it quits, and more of the week's top security news.

Neck-Deep in Stress? Try This Heated Massager New! 2020-10-31 09:00:00TruMedic’s latest massager contains two sets of rotating balls that simulate the kneading motion of human hands.

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Is It Better to Plant Trees or Let New! 2020-10-31 08:00:00Nations are pledging to plant billions of trees. But a new study shows that we've underestimated the power of natural forest regrowth to fight climat

As Cars Get Smarter, Massachusetts Votes on Their New! 2020-10-31 07:00:00Question 1 would amend the state's right-to-repair law and expand access to car data. But big automakers are pushing back.

A Ton of Our Favorite Headphones Are on New! 2020-10-31 07:00:00From the exceptional Sony WH-1000XM4 to the attractive Master & Dynamic MW65, there are discounts on cans for all your needs right now.

A Guide to Safely Holiday Road-Tripping Through a New! 2020-10-31 07:00:00Any necessary travel this year takes an extra level of preparation. Here’s how to think it through.

A Holiday Season Covid Surge, Outbreaks in Swing 2020-10-30 15:49:07Catch up on the most important updates from this week.

Why Are Lines at Polling Places So Long? 2020-10-30 14:28:06It’s a resource allocation problem, a tough challenge in “queueing theory.” It’s also racism.

It's Hard to Escape Facebook's Vortex of Polarization 2020-10-30 14:24:02Suggesting other news sources only reinforces users' political beliefs. Another study finds that quitting the social media giant leaves people less i

Dinosaurs Are Even Scarier When They're Zombies 2020-10-30 12:00:00In his short story "Hell Creek," horror author Robert Cargill tackles one of the scariest ideas ever: an undead dino apocalypse.

What's Worse Than Foreign Election Interference? QAnon 2020-10-30 12:00:00Tech companies need to be held responsible for enabling spread of the movement's conspiracies.