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Bishops call for peaceful dialogue amid protests of 2020-10-28 18:11:00CNA Staff, Oct 28, 2020 / 04:11 pm (CNA).- The Polish bishops on Wednesday emphasized the protection of life and the importance of social peace, as cr

Catholic bishop laments deaths of children after migrant 2020-10-28 15:00:00CNA Staff, Oct 28, 2020 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- A Catholic bishop expressed sorrow Wednesday after a migrant boat sank in the English Channel, killing four

Paris’ Sacre-Coeur Basilica to be classified as a 2020-10-28 14:00:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 28, 2020 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Paris is expected to be classified as a protected historic mon

Polish Catholics urged to pray and fast after 2020-10-28 06:35:00CNA Staff, Oct 28, 2020 / 04:35 am (CNA).- An archbishop urged Polish Catholics to pray and fast Tuesday after protesters disrupted Masses in the wake

The martyrs buried at the Valley of the 2020-10-28 05:01:00CNA Staff, Oct 28, 2020 / 03:01 am (CNA).- The Valley of the Fallen is a monumental complex near Madrid which includes an abbey and basilica, and whic

Vatican to discuss parish instructions with German bishops, 2020-10-26 10:00:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 26, 2020 / 08:00 am (CNA).- The Vatican has told the German Bishops’ Conference that a forthcoming meeting in Rome to discuss

Polish archbishop speaks out as protesters disrupt Masses 2020-10-25 17:30:00CNA Staff, Oct 25, 2020 / 03:30 pm (CNA).- The president of Poland’s bishops’ conference has urged critics of a landmark abortion ruling t

Benedict XVI distances himself from embattled Catholic community 2020-10-25 16:30:00CNA Staff, Oct 25, 2020 / 02:30 pm (CNA).- Benedict XVI has distanced himself from a Catholic community with which he had maintained close ties for de

Former spiritual director of 'Medjugorje visionaries' excommunicated 2020-10-23 19:48:00CNA Staff, Oct 23, 2020 / 05:48 pm (CNA).- A laicized priest who had been the spiritual director to six people who said they experienced visions of th

Munich archdiocese: Church tax income rises as record 2020-10-23 14:00:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 23, 2020 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- The German Archdiocese of Munich and Freising announced Friday that it received 665 million euros

Polish president Duda welcomes landmark abortion ruling 2020-10-23 08:00:00CNA Staff, Oct 23, 2020 / 06:00 am (CNA).- Polish president Andrzej Duda welcomed a landmark court ruling on abortion Friday. He told the newspaper D

Catholic educators 'united in solidarity' after France teacher 2020-10-22 20:19:00CNA Staff, Oct 22, 2020 / 06:19 pm (CNA).- The president of the French bishops’ council for Catholic education expressed solidarity with the cou

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Prince William and family find an extra sweet New! 2020-10-30 00:00:55The family put their joint culinary skills to the test with some impressive results. Prince William and family find an extra sweet way to honor the ar

Novena for beatification of Fr. McGivney: Day 9 New! 2020-10-30 00:00:52Intention: For those who seek a miracle. Novena for beatification of Fr. McGivney: Day 9

10 Things that help brothers and sisters accept New! 2020-10-30 00:00:51Some advice to make it easier for your children to welcome a new baby into the family. 10 Things that help brothers and sisters accept a new sibling

What kind of conscience do you have? New! 2020-10-30 00:00:40Hint: When you use the word “conscience” and the phrase, “I just feel that …” you can be sure that you are doing it wro

Look down! The stunning floors of Italy’s churches New! 2020-10-30 00:00:39From Siena to Venice, beauty is sometimes at our feet. Look down! The stunning floors of Italy’s churches

These nuns pray the Perpetual Rosary – one New! 2020-10-30 00:00:25What is it like to pray the Rosary for an hour each day, before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament? These nuns know. These nuns pray the Perpetual Ro

Why did Satan rebel against God? New! 2020-10-30 00:00:25Satan knew what he was doing and yet he still rejected God and his plan. Why did Satan rebel against God?

This author is on a mission to inspire New! 2020-10-30 00:00:21New book calls children to find holiness right where they are, and its message could not be more timely. This author is on a mission to inspire kids t

‘A Devotion to Holy Scripture”: Love what St. New! 2020-10-30 00:00:187 things to understand about Pope Francis' Apostolic Letter on the importance of sacred Scripture. ‘A Devotion to Holy Scripture”: Love w

Fr. McGivney’s relatives pass down family stories New! 2020-10-30 00:00:17"Father Mike" was known for his holiness and his sense of humor. Fr. McGivney’s relatives pass down family stories

Watch the McGivney Festival Livestream New! 2020-10-29 16:15:09The St. Mary's Parish Celebration of the Beatification of Fr. McGivney Watch the McGivney Festival Livestream

Pope Francis calls on JPII’s intercession for respect New! 2020-10-29 15:56:30In greetings to Polish pilgrims, pope notes feast in century year of John Paul II's death. Pope Francis calls on JPII’s intercession for respec

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Fratelli Tutti and the Good Samaritan Society 2020-10-23 06:00:00Fratelli Tutti , Pope Francis’s recent encyclical on “fraternity and social friendship,” will generate work for theologians for some

Trump, Biden, and Religion in American Politics 2020-10-23 06:00:00The old adage that England and America are two nations divided by a common language contains much truth. As an English immigrant, I find America oddly

Mystery of the Trinity 2020-10-22 11:00:00For the past forty years, two Reformed theologians—Vern Poythress of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and John Frame of Reforme

Jazz, Hope, and Perverse Modernism 2020-10-22 06:00:00The great jazz singer Kurt Elling gave us a real sign of hope in a difficult year on August 30, when he presented a live-streamed concert from the G

No Argument Against Death 2020-10-21 06:00:00Once a society accepts the noxious notion that killing is an acceptable answer to human suffering, the definition of “suffering” never sto

Joe Biden, Pre-Conciliar Catholic? 2020-10-21 06:00:00The image of the pre-conciliar Catholic Church in the United States as catechetically effective and politically potent can be hard to square with the

Of Course We’re Not a Democracy 2020-10-20 13:10:00During the recent vice presidential debate, I pointed out on Twitter that our form of government in the United States is not a democracy, but a repu

Biden’s Betrayal 2020-10-20 06:00:00If elected, Joe Biden will be the second Catholic president in U.S. history. He is already following the formula of the first, who expressly rejected

Give My Regards to New York 2020-10-20 06:00:00I came to be an actress, or something like that. I stayed to raise a daughter. Along the way, I grew up and lived a life. New York, I have loved y

The Bitter Month 2020-10-19 06:00:00Last night, the Hebrew month of Cheshvan began. In a Jewish calendar filled with holidays, fasts, and special observances, Cheshvan is the only month

Thomas Howard, RIP 2020-10-17 06:00:00Thomas Howard, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 85, made the journey from catholic evangelical to evangelical Catholic as gracefully and admi

Baseball’s Beginnings 2020-10-16 06:00:00Sixty-six years ago, I saw my first Major League Baseball game, in the 1954 World Series between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians. I watc

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Black Nazarene procession in Philippines canceled over coronavirus New! 2020-10-29 18:15:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 04:15 pm (CNA).- Due to the coronavirus pandemic, civil and ecclesial authorities in the Philippines have agreed to cancel t

Controversy continues over Scotland's hate crime bill New! 2020-10-29 17:01:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 03:01 pm (CNA).- Amid a contentious debate in Scotland over a proposed hate crimes law, which the Catholic bishops of the co

Italian cardinal tests positive for COVID-19 New! 2020-10-29 16:00:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 29, 2020 / 02:00 pm (CNA).- Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, the president of the Italian bishops’ conference, has tested positiv

Pope Francis’ general audience again moves behind closed New! 2020-10-29 15:00:00Vatican City, Oct 29, 2020 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- After nine weeks of public general audiences, Pope Francis’ weekly gathering will again take place

Nice basilica terrorist attack: Who were the victims? New! 2020-10-29 14:02:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 29, 2020 / 12:02 pm (CNA).- This story is developing and will be updated:Bells tolled in Catholic parishes across France in memory

US bishops join Pope Francis in prayer and New! 2020-10-29 14:00:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- U.S. Catholic bishops joined Pope Francis in mourning a deadly attack at a basilica in Nice on Thursday. &

Pompeo: China is world's 'gravest threat' to religious New! 2020-10-29 13:30:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 11:30 am (CNA).- The U.S. Secretary of State on Thursday called out the Chinese Communist Party as the world’s most se

Pakistan Catholics protest after abduction, forced marriage of New! 2020-10-29 12:15:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 10:15 am (CNA).-   Catholics in Pakistan are protesting a judge’s decision not to intervene after a 44-year-old

Rome's American seminary quarantines as students test positive 2020-10-29 10:30:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 29, 2020 / 08:30 am (CNA).- The college for American seminarians in Rome is quarantining as a campus after several students tested

Becciu: 'No communication' from Vatican investigators over Cecilia 2020-10-29 10:00:00Rome Newsroom, Oct 29, 2020 / 08:00 am (CNA).- Lawyers for Cardinal Angelo Becciu released a statement late Wednesday contradicting an Italian news re

Pope Francis prays for victims of terrorist attack 2020-10-29 09:00:00Vatican City, Oct 29, 2020 / 07:00 am (CNA).- After three people were killed in a terrorist attack in a basilica in Nice, France, on Thursday, a Vatic

French Catholic bishops ask churches to toll bells 2020-10-29 08:30:00CNA Staff, Oct 29, 2020 / 06:30 am (CNA).- The French bishops asked churches across the country to toll their bells Thursday in memory of three people