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We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We 2019-07-20 05:01:42The original moon shoot inspired billions. Calling climate action a moon shot isn’t a perfect parallel — but maybe we should try it anyway

Mueller Hearings on Wednesday Present Make-or-Break Moment for 2019-07-20 05:00:14For two years, Democrats have waited on Robert S. Mueller III to deliver a death blow to the Trump presidency. Wednesday’s hearings with the spe

Democrats Call Out Racism, New Debate Lineups: This 2019-07-20 05:00:13Candidates condemn President Trump’s “go back” comment, a Harris-Biden rematch, and a new California poll.

Republicans Prep for Mueller Showdown and Counsel a 2019-07-20 05:00:08House Republicans have savaged Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation, but when it comes to his testimony, many are advocating a gentler approach

White Anxiety, and a President Ready to Address 2019-07-20 05:00:02Evidence of concern about demographic and cultural shifts is not new. What’s different is the willingness to politicize it openly.

Inmates Freed as Justice Dept. Tries to Clear 2019-07-20 02:32:16More than 3,000 federal inmates were granted early release under the bipartisan criminal justice overhaul passed late last year.

Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, 2019-07-20 00:51:47Re-election looks plausible even with a bigger loss in the national popular vote.

16,000 Readers Shared Their Experiences of Being Told 2019-07-20 00:41:27After President Trump attacked four congresswomen of color on Twitter, suggesting they "go back" to the places they came from, readers shared experi

The Night Democracy Became the Lotto 2019-07-20 00:30:19CNN’s hourlong debate-lineup revelation had the appearance of a Powerball drawing and just as much depth.

Trump’s Labor Pick Has Defended Corporations, and One 2019-07-19 23:42:51Eugene Scalia, whom Mr. Trump plans to nominate as labor secretary, has been a go-to lawyer for businesses like UPS and SeaWorld.

Polishing the Nationalist Brand in the Trump Era 2019-07-19 23:25:34Conservative thinkers are trying to bring intellectual coherence to the Trumpian moment under the banner of nationalism. But can it be cleansed of its

Appeals Court Judges Send Emoluments Suit Against Trump 2019-07-19 21:32:45A three-judge panel said a lower court judge hearing a lawsuit by congressional Democrats had not adequately considered questions about separation of

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Scuffle over Trump's 'racist' tweet reflects shifting views 2019-07-18 00:02:43To the left, calling out racism is a step toward eradicating the problem. To the right, the term is being flung around recklessly. 

How fast can the political pendulum swing? Ask 2019-07-18 00:02:43As governor, Paul LePage spent eight years dismantling Maine’s environmental policies. Gov. Janet Mills is on a mission to restore them.

How President Trump became the GOP’s ‘new normal’ 2019-07-18 00:02:43President Donald Trump called for a group of Democratic congresswomen of color to “go back” to their countries, though all but one are U.S

Puerto Rican governor pressured to resign over controversial 2019-07-18 00:02:43Puerto Ricans have pushed Gov. Ricardo Rosselló to resign after a chat containing derogatory language and confidential information leaked last

On immigration, is California’s odyssey America’s future? 2019-07-18 00:02:43A crackdown on illegal immigration – a Trump administration priority in planned ICE raids this weekend – was the 1990s reality in Californ

Exit Swalwell, enter Steyer. How much does money 2019-07-18 00:02:43Billionaire Tom Steyer joined the crowded Democratic 2020 presidential field just as California Rep. Eric Swalwell ended his bid. Does wealth mat

In Florida, Democrats worry Venezuela policy could drive 2019-07-18 00:02:43President Trump’s immigration policies are not popular with Florida Hispanics. But fears of socialism could put enough in his column to tip the

British ambassador served as bridge in divided Washington 2019-07-18 00:02:43Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch abruptly resigned from his post Tuesday after blunt cables about President Trump were leaked to the British press. The amba

Another day, another legal battle? Why latest ‘Obamacare’ 2019-07-18 00:02:43The latest legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act may seem like just another episode in an endless saga. Here’s why this case matters.

Hard choices, sweet tea: A day at a 2019-07-18 00:02:43Shreveport, Louisiana is home to Hope Medical Group for Women, one of the last three abortion clinics in the state. 

AOC, Pelosi split shows rift among House Democrats 2019-07-18 00:02:43Power struggles are reshaping the Democratic Party ahead of 2020. Moderates say those on the fringe can't legislate, while the left says centrists co

With compassion and faith, a mayor leads his 2019-07-18 00:02:43Mayor Steve Williams of Huntington, West Virginia, took an innovative approach that’s become a model for fighting drug addiction.

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How is Donald Trump handling the Israëlo-Palestinian question?, 2019-07-16 18:30:33President Trump does nothing like his predecessors (except for his model, Andrew Jackson), thereby destabilising his partners. The « Deal of the

The Muslim Brotherhood as auxiliaries of the Pentagon, 2019-07-16 18:30:33We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan's book, « Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies ». In this episode, he descri

Four-Party Joint Statement on Afghan Peace Process 2019-07-16 18:30:33Representatives of China, Russia, and the United States held their 3rd consultation on the Afghan peace process in Beijing. China, Russia, and the Uni

US Treasury Sanctions Venezuela's Military Counterintelligence Agency Following 2019-07-16 18:30:33Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated the Government of Venezuela's General Directorate of

The Muslim Brotherhood as an auxiliary force of 2019-07-16 18:30:33We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan's new book, « Right Before Our Eyes ». In this episode, he describes the way in whic

The farcical relations of the EU countries with 2019-07-16 18:30:33Manlio Dinucci writes about Vladimir Putin's journey to Rome. There was nothing new compared with other visits to the countries of the EU, except for

The European Union approves the nomination of four 2019-07-16 18:30:33Since the European Union has become a super-national structure by the force of Treaties, how can the member-States choose the senior civil servants wh

Jeremy Hunt's speech following the final report on 2019-07-16 18:30:33Good morning ladies, gentleman. Welcome to the Foreign Office. When I was moving house last year, I came across a book called God's Smuggler which I

Russian comment on the statements made by Administrator 2019-07-16 18:30:33United States Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green's speech in Washington, D.C. sounded as if coming from the past – f

The Muslim Brotherhood as assassins, by Thierry Meyssan 2019-07-16 18:30:33We are continuing the publication of Thierry Meyssan's new book, «Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies : From 9/11 to Donald Trump&raqu

Israël against the Venezuelans, by Thierry Meyssan 2019-07-02 09:15:27A new coup d'etat was attempted on 24 June in Venezuela. Thierry Meyssan reveals that it was directed both against the administration of Nicolá

G20 Osaka Leaders' Declaration 2019-07-02 09:15:27PREAMBLE 1. We, the Leaders of the G20, met in Osaka, Japan on 28-29 June 2019 to make united efforts to address major global economic challenges. We

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Boris Johnson breaks record for most funds raised 2019-07-17 16:32:41In his attempt to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has broken the record for the most money raised by a politician

U.S. FAA to again delay drone tracking rule: 2019-07-17 16:31:56The Federal Aviation Administration has again delayed plans to propose new rules requiring the remote identification of drones, according to records a

Rand Paul nixes bid to fast-track extension to 2019-07-17 16:31:49Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., derailed an attempt by Democrats on Wednesday to fast-track an extension to the compensation fund for victims of the Sept. 11,

Texas town blocks mayor's bid to become 'sanctuary 2019-07-17 16:31:29A North Texas city decided not to ban abortion in a surprising move.

New York mayor says he regrets trusting U.S. 2019-07-17 16:31:11New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday that he regrets trusting the U.S. Department of Justice after federal prosecutors declined to cha

Marine Corps tells Duncan Hunter to stop using 2019-07-17 16:31:08Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) was reportedly sent a cease-and-desist letter from the Marine Corps as he was told to stop using the official emblem and

RNC, ripping 'deafening silence' over desecrations, sends 74 2019-07-17 16:30:35The Republican National Committee is sending a not-so-subtle message to dozens of Democratic officials -- including presidential candid

Pennsylvania governor approves $90M fund for upgrades to 2019-07-09 15:34:13Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced Tuesday that his administration will provide $90 million in funding for counties across the state to upgrade

House Democrat backtracks, will now donate Epstein's campaign 2019-07-09 15:33:51Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-Virgin Islands) reversed course Tuesday, pledging to donate campaign contributions she received from billionaire financie

Democrat vows to withhold funds for census citizenship 2019-07-09 15:33:27The top House Democrat overseeing spending for the Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau vowed Tuesday to block funds to add a citizenship ques

Senate to get election security briefing Wednesday 2019-07-08 15:27:05The Senate will get an election security briefing on Wednesday, as Democrats clamor for Congress to pass new legislation ahead of the 2020 election.Se

Impeachment maven Steyer readying 2020 run after all 2019-07-08 15:27:04It may not be over yet... Read more at F