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5 Engineering Facts About the Apollo Guidance Computer 2019-07-19 07:00:00The Apollo flight to the moon would not have been possible without the support of mission control, engineering knowledge, and technical skills of the

One Giant Leap For Mankind 2019-07-19 06:00:00July 20, 1969 A grainy black and white television image captures Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the surface of the Moon. (Image source: NASA

The Eagle Has Landed! 2019-07-19 05:30:00July 20, 1969 Astronaut Michael Collins aboard Columbia inspected Eagle prior to its landing on the lunar surface. (Image source: NASA) It was time

Apollo 11 Reaches the Moon 2019-07-19 05:00:00July 19, 1969 A close-up view of the Sea of Fertility on the lunar surface from the window of Columbia during the fourth live television t

Friday Funny Presents the Turboencabulator 2019-07-19 04:30:00Now here’s one of the all-time classics in engineering humor. The turboencabulator – or turbo-encabulator – is

The Drive to Level 5 Podcast - Episode 2019-07-18 18:31:22The Drive to Level 5 podcast investigates the seismic shift toward the autonomous vehicle and the technical advancements necessary to perfect the

The Batteries That Powered the Lunar Module 2019-07-18 06:00:00When President Kennedy proposed, on September 12, 1962, that the US land a man on the Moon before the end of the decade, he set in motion a huge scien

Apollo 11: Day Three in Space 2019-07-18 05:00:00July 18, 1969 The Command Module, Service Module, and Lunar Module of Apollo 11 passed from the gravity of the Earth to the gravitational pull of th

Retiring Knowledge Workers May Get Replaced with Technology 2019-07-18 04:30:00Retiring Boomers are leaving manufacturing plants with a knowledge deficit. The engineer who could smell a failing motor or hear a bum bearing is gett

Enzyme Engineering Turns Plant Waste into Plastics, Fuels 2019-07-18 04:00:00Imagine if there was a plant-based material that could easily be transformed into synthetic materials, the fabrication and disposal of which currently

Beckhoff Automation Offers OPC UA Integration in TwinCAT 2019-07-16 06:00:00Beckhoff Automation is offering greater integration of OPC UA communication technology into its recently released TwinCAT Scope software. OPC UA and a

The Launch of Apollo 11 2019-07-16 05:00:00July 16, 1969 The Apollo 11 Saturn V lifts off with astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. at 9:32 a.m. EDT July 16,

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The Met’s Next Big Fashion Show Comes From New! 2019-07-23 13:39:52Sandy Schreier is the most important American collector of couture you’ve never heard of.

6 Photographers to Look Out For at the New! 2019-07-23 12:57:47Where is the art form headed? These rising stars offer some clues.

Beat the Heat With These 10 Must-See Art New! 2019-07-23 12:21:37Find a cool reprieve — and endless stimulation — at these exhibitions in New York City.

An Escape Room Where You Can’t Escape Your New! 2019-07-23 11:44:17An interactive art installation turns a live-action game into a disarming demonstration of social inequality.

Inside Hushed Museum Hallways, a Rumble Over Pay New! 2019-07-23 11:03:28Art workers around the country are sharing their salaries and in some cases forming unions to put pressure on their institutions.

Pharrell Williams Discovers His Inner Child in a 2019-07-23 00:46:08The singer, producer and entrepreneur has curated a show in Paris of work by the Japanese artist Mr.

Hitler Looted the Art, Then They Looted Hitler 2019-07-22 18:04:51New research is helping the hunt for missing art, largely amassed by Hitler, then re-stolen by desperate Germans in the closing days of the war.

The Week in Arts: Lalah Hathaway, Clay Play 2019-07-22 17:05:17Burt Lancaster is celebrated nearly 40 different ways; “Mum” crosses the pond; and a fierce, fiddling Finn, Pekka Kuusisto, comes to town.

One Small Step for Experimental Space Gear. Many 2019-07-21 19:23:37A gallery of scenes from when the space age was young and extraterrestrial travel looked fun.

Eight Artists Withdraw From Whitney Biennial Over Board 2019-07-21 01:14:14The artists cited the museum’s “inertia” over calls to remove Warren B. Kanders.

When You Display Ai Weiwei, Beware of Cats 2019-07-19 18:44:26For the sake of their collection, Trey and Jenny Laird had to crawl around to retrieve hundreds of pieces of a tabletop work upset by a pet.

Louvre Removes Sackler Family Name From Its Walls 2019-07-19 09:03:01Signs and plaques honoring a donation from the family, which has been linked to the opioid crisis in the United States, were taken down or covered at

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fujiwaramuro architects encircles house inside a greenery ring New! 2019-07-23 12:01:27the ring brings privacy to the house yet keeps it open towards its surroundings, and pierces the residence connecting it to the exterior. The post fuj

gaura vm kwali transforms pine needles into biodegradable New! 2019-07-23 10:35:40the material is bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, fire retardant, water repellent and its production process causes no pollution or waste. The pos

OMA wins competition to design the international financial 2019-07-23 07:20:18OMA's fourth building developed in the city comprises large scale conference facilities with a 400-room hotel and public program. The post OMA wins c

brazilian artists decorate multi-faceted canvases made from LAUFEN 2019-07-23 07:10:27exhibited at design miami/ basel 2019, LAUFEN's ‘impressões’ art project further explores the design possibilities of their seraph

black & gray tattoo artist jun cha works 2019-07-23 07:00:53his latest exhibition took place at takashi murakami’s hidari zingaro gallery in tokyo. The post black & gray tattoo artist jun cha works ac

toyota reveals mascot robots and tiny autonomous car 2019-07-23 06:40:50from interactive mascots - miraitowa and someity - to assistance and field support robots, the project is dedicated to 'mobility for all'. The post

airbus unveils ‘bird of prey’ electric aircraft concept 2019-07-23 06:30:03the 'bird of prey' concept from airbus includes a blended wing-to-fuselage joint that mirrors the graceful and aerodynamic arch of an eagle or falco

emmanuelle moureaux crafts 1000 different colors for japanese 2019-07-23 05:40:15emmanuelle moureaux filled the auditorium in a chromatic wave for the 2019 imabari color show, a city known for its leading textile dyes. The post emm

artist yuta segawa hand-throws thousands of tiny ceramic 2019-07-23 05:20:46each hand-thrown pot and vase is crafted with the same attention to structure and detail that a full-sized piece would be. The post artist yuta segawa

BLOCBIRDS transforms the beauty of birds into colorful 2019-07-23 04:50:30studio 212 fahrenheit has translated, with mathematical precision, the colored feathers of european birds into 25 inspiring images. The post BLOCBIRDS

benedict redgrove launches NASA photography book with unseen 2019-07-22 12:01:54the result is a collection of intimate, finely-detailed images of objects from the past yet with a purpose and meaning for the future. The post benedi

witherford watson mann builds a theater inside a 2019-07-22 10:40:50shortlisted for the 2019 RIBA stirling prize, the project uses a rich material palette to complement the existing structure. The post witherford watso